Agent vs. App

Why Choose Me As Your Agent when There’s an App to Make it Easier?  

As a buyer there are typically no agent fees and you lose the personal touch and help that I as a knowledgeable and professional real estate agent can give you.

As a seller, It might appear like you are paying a smaller amount with a small commission percentage, but they typically get you with Fees on the back end.  In Addition, those Apps are acting as brokers that are streamlining the process for their own self-interests and not working to maximize the Value of your Property.  Zestimates and online CMA’s can easily be off by as much as 20% of current market prices, and there is No-One analyzing the Unique Properties of your home to ensure it sells for top dollar. 

From a pure numbers standpoint, I’d rather pay the $6,000.00 difference for commission % and sell my home for $100,000.00 more.  Not to mention you get a committed ally to negotiate on your behalf, with the systems in place to streamline  the difficult process of selling or buying your home that is backed by a trusted company, Keller Williams Realty.